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Wildbreads - Digital Marketing


Wildbreads Digital Audience Expansion

When a food brand promotes a product, audiences expect to see images that make you drool, presented in a way that urges you to place that order right away.

Wildbreads goal was to reach its target audience across Australia and introduce them to delectable delights that are baked fresh daily. This would only be possible with a strong brand presence and visibility of their product.

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Tracking the dynamic growth of digital audience, social engagement, and ROI for 'Wildbreads Digital Audience Expansion' across four quarters.

Showcasing Wildbreads Digital Presence

Wildbreads is an Australian speciality wholesale bakery producing high-quality baked goods using age-old bread recipes.

They operate a world-class baking facility committed to excellence in baking to deliver quality and consistency across an entire range of artisan bread products.

Digital Audience Growth Composition
Composition of audience growth from different sources, highlighting the various channels that contributed to the digital audience expansion.

Wildbreads Marketing Challenge

Despite leading the baked goods market, Wildbreads lacked a robust digital presence, relying mainly on sporadic social media posts and outdated Google reviews.

Their exceptional products were overshadowed by subpar design and inadequate marketing efforts, resulting in a lack of distinction and recognition among both current and potential customers.

This disjointed strategy hampered their ability to stand out in a saturated market and potential customers were unable to discern the uniqueness and quality that set their products apart.

They needed a digital marketing strategy to revamp their brand image and increase their product’s reach with their target audience.


Amplifying Reach Through Digital

Quantana’s Digital Marketing and Design team devised a multi-faceted strategy to enhance Wildbreads digital impact.

The initial focus was on redefining brand identity, leveraging enticing product imagery to craft visually appealing content. A comprehensive content plan ensured these visuals gained widespread exposure.

Moreover, targeted campaigns tested postcodes for interest, preference, and value further solidifying their customer base across desired regions.

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