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At Quantana, our careers transcend boundaries, fueling innovation and growth. Join us to explore your potential, driving the future of transformative technology. Embrace a dynamic environment where your skills converge with unparalleled opportunities for advancement and impact.
In collaborative synergy, our teams spark boundless innovation, creating a tapestry of limitless possibilities. Together, we weave inventive solutions, propelling us beyond conventional boundaries.
In diverse roles, we converge with a unified purpose, creating an orchestra of collective brilliance. Varied positions harmonise, composing a symphony of unified excellence.
Quantana pioneers purpose-driven innovation, where each breakthrough is fueled by a vision to transform industries and enrich lives. With purpose as our compass, innovation becomes a force empowering progress and impact.
Open Hiring

Quantana's transparent recruitment fosters fairness by openly disclosing processes, promoting equal opportunities for all applicants, and ensuring a level playing field for talent selection.

Festive Culture

At Quantana, holidays aren't merely days off; they're chances for team bonding and celebration, fostering a vibrant work environment. Loyalty earns up to 36 extra annual holidays each year.

Fun at Quantana

Fun is integrated into our work culture—be it through Friday fun activities, team lunches, or exciting outings, creating an environment where camaraderie thrives alongside productivity.


Quantana's dedication to employee wellbeing seamlessly intertwines with its commitment to fostering gender equality, ensuring a supportive and inclusive workplace for all.

Awards and Recognition

Through various awards, including spot recognitions, we uplift and motivate our team, fostering a culture that ignites greater dedication and drive for exceptional performance.

Flat Organisation

At Quantana, hierarchy takes a back seat, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely and everyone's voice is valued on an equal footing.

Health and Fitness

Fresh fruit is delivered to the office twice every week to encourage healthy eating and keep fit along with a wide range of snacks and drinks/juices in the pantry.

Learning and Development

We support learning and development throughout the business and provide a number of learning opportunities and in-house development.

Family Leave

We believe personal/family life is precious time and we offer enhanced paid maternity, paternity, adoption or shared parental leave.

Flexible Working Hours

We have flexible working hours allowing you to be better able to balance work and other commitments.

Privileged WFH

We support a hybrid work model, allowing remote work while prioritising an extensively enhanced HQ office environment.

General Health Insurance

The Quantans will be covered with General Health Insurance which will be covered by Quantana itself.

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We’re eager to welcome new talent

Quantana welcomes diverse brilliance! Explore our latest openings and become part of our global team of thinkers, collaborators, and innovators.


Take charge of strategic initiatives, steering operations, and nurturing growth. Your expertise will fuel innovation and optimise efficiency within our dynamic team, sculpting our organisation’s future.

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As a Business Manager, strategise growth, leading a team towards operational excellence and transformative success. Bring your managerial acumen to shape our business landscape and foster lasting impact within our dynamic environment.

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Working at Quantana surpasses a typical workplace; it's a thriving community dedicated to professional growth and well-being, where colleagues become friends amidst a supportive environment committed to core values and inclusivity. It's a haven for balanced growth, merging professional opportunities, work-life harmony, and a vibrant community, making it an exceptional place to flourish.
Zeeni Yeruva
Marketing Manager
In my one year at Quantana, I've deeply appreciated the diverse and positive cultures practiced here. The atmosphere fosters continuous learning, a friendly and supportive environment, incredible colleagues known for their friendliness, and vibrant Fridays filled with enthusiasm and engaging activities. It's an encompassing working culture that excels in every aspect, making each day a rewarding experience.
Nizamuddin Sheikh
Graphic Designer
Unlock opportunities to dissect data, strategise solutions, and chart the course for impactful business decisions as a BA. Bring your analytical prowess to the forefront, shaping our path towards innovative excellence.

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