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Tenex - Product Design


Seamless Facility Interaction

Facillizence’s aspiration was embodied in Tenex, a solution enabling tenants to effortlessly raise, manage, and resolve facility-related concerns. 

This app aimed to enhance operational ease, ownership profitability, sustainability, and overall comfort within commercial spaces. 

Cost Savings
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Operational Efficiency
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Tenant Satisfaction
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Tracking the quarterly progress of Facillizence's transformative approach in 'Building Operations and Facility Management Enhancement.

Innovative Digital Engagement

Facillizence uses AI and real-time data to transform commercial buildings into Data Driven Facilities, thus empowering their building operations, and simplifying facility management.  
Facility Enhancement Sources
sources contributing to the enhancement of building operations and facility management, reflecting the importance of AI, tenant engagement, operational optimization, sustainability efforts, maintenance efficiency, and tenant feedback in achieving these improvements.

Modernising Facility Management Through Digital Solutions

Facillizence is recognised as a trailblazer in commercial building management, faced considerable challenges.

Their IoT device-based website successfully monitored utilities and machines within expansive office complexes yet a significant gap existed in user engagement and operational control. This disparity was exacerbated by the intricate nature of IoT integration, requiring a sophisticated app-driven approach to bridge the interface divide.

The necessity for a comprehensive mobile application arose from the client’s growing demand for a holistic facility management experience.

The prevailing setup lacked the real-time interaction and convenience desired by businesses managing large-scale office spaces. At the onset, there was a Legacy Server in use, no UI capability, and a need for core technical involvement. 


Navigating User Journeys to App Excellence

We began by mapping customer journeys for each user story including tracking electricals, managing service requests and receiving and sending notifications.

This involved developing personas and storyboards for each journey, ensuring that we covered every possible scenario accurately. Using the data received, we created wireframes and used visual prototypes to present the app. 

Our team built the app using a highly trusted and time-tested RapidFly platform based on Google Flutter to create perfect applications for iOS and Android. This exciting project was delivered within just six weeks and the outcome was a sleek app that did just what it was made for. 

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