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Urge Surfing - Mobile App Development


Innovative Mobile App for Health Goals

Urge Surfing, a cutting-edge mobile application, emerged to assist individuals in conquering cravings and sticking to their weight loss or fitness journey.

The app is designed to offer a subscription-based platform. It enables users to monitor and manage their urges through a series of curated breathing exercises for a healthier approach to curbing impulsive tendencies.

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Rise in user engagement, fitness progress, and daily activity with our dynamic fitness app.

Empowering Education with Digital Transformation

Urge Surfing is a revolutionary mobile application developed through meticulous Mobile App Development.

Created in collaboration with Caroline Trickey, a dietician/health coach, this app introduces an innovative solution to conquer cravings and urges that often impede weight loss or fitness goals.

Feature Engagement Breakdown
Workout tracking takes the lead, while nutrition planning and community engagement also play significant roles in shaping the user experience.
Navigate Fitness with Breathe Control
Revolutionising fitness journey with breath-based urge control, interactive e-learning and successful cravings management.

Mitigating Fitness Journey Hurdles

The challenge faced by Caroline Trickey, a dietician/health coach, was to combat the roadblocks individuals encounter during their fitness journey.

She has observed her clients can start a fitness schedule easily but lack consistency due to external factors such as their urge to include rice, chips, sugar, salt etc. She understood the pattern and she believes that these urges can be controlled by simple breathing techniques.

She has approached Quantana was approached to help in creating an interactive mobile application that would help people drive towards their fitness journey successfully.

She has approached us to create an interactive application so that users can track their urges and be successful in following their weight loss journey. 

We have heard her requirements and we have come up with an interactive application that can help people serve their fitness needs.


Interactive Breathing Sessions and Rewards

The collaborative effort yielded Urge Surfing, an interactive mobile application that serves as a weapon for users battling urges.

With a suite of functionalities, including urge tracking, guided breathing exercises, and rewarding milestones, the app was integrated to empower users in their quest for fitness. As a result, users are awarded achievement badges following every 10 successful urge management instances.

Overall, the design for the application was prepared within a few weeks by our design team and the application was developed with a continuous development mode through feedback and went live with updates and fixes on the interactives.

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