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Innovative Education for Global Leaders

Indian School of Business (ISB) collaborated with Quantana for Web Development services to translate its educational services into specialised digital courses.

The aim was to establish an e-learning platform that could deliver an authentic ISB experience to learners, combining cutting-edge content with a learner-centric approach.

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Quantana transformed the online learning experience for ISB, providing a seamless and innovative platform for our students' courses - truly a game-changer!
Anuj Batra
Senior Director, ISB

Empowering Education with Digital Transformation

The Indian School of Business (ISB), is a pioneering business school in India. It was founded with the vision of offering a globally oriented education that creates adept leaders with a deep understanding of developing economies and a broad international perspective.

Student Engagement Metrics
Discover how students interact with diverse learning resources within our LMS, shedding light on the most favored components for effective learning.
Merging Tradition and Technology for Global Learning
ISB’s e-learning transformation builds a learner-centric platform for seamless content integration.

ISB's Courses for Digital Audiences

With the surge in digital learning, ISB confronted the challenge of transforming its unique course content into a compelling e-learning experience.

ISB wanted to Bridge the gap between traditional classroom excellence and audience but digital accessibility posed a significant hurdle. ISB sought a digital partner capable of translating their distinctive courses into a format suitable for diverse learners.

ISB had partnered with Quantana to blend design and functionality and develop their new website as a learner-centric platform.

They wanted Learners to experience ISB’s exceptional content with ease, while the platform’s interface offered integrated course materials.


Exploring Boundless Frontiers Together

An innovative initiative by the ISB that fosters collaborative learning and knowledge sharing among a diverse community of students and professionals.

Through this online platform by Quantana, students from around the world can engage in interactive discussions, gain insights from renowned faculty, and explore the ever-expanding horizons of business and leadership.

This facilitated dynamic discussions, real-time collaboration, and the seamless exchange of knowledge, empowering ISB students and professionals to embark on transformative journeys of discovery. 

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