With us, you can …


  • Connect with your customers
  • Establish your brand presence in the digital world
  • Grow sales and sales effectiveness
  • Use AI and emerging-tech for smarter actions


  • Create new business models and value-add services for customers
  • Use big-data analytics and emerging tech to disrupt your industry
  • Build smart and self-learning solutions


  • Map, redesign and automate your processes
  • Create smart workflows
  • Let systems manage end to end tasks
  • Leverage analytics and emerging tech to eliminate waste

Our portfolio

Internet of Things (IOT) technology with AR (Augmented Reality) on VR dashboard. businessman hand using tablet computer and server room background.

Digital products and services

  • Website and Mobile apps (IOS, Android, Flutter)
  • Administrator & Customer booking apps
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Social)
  • E-commerce marketing , Branding
  • Master data management systems
  • Payment & subscription system
  • Customer data integration
  • Smart/ self-learning chat bots

Big data analytics solutions

  • Smart sales engine (Workflow Automation)
  • Next best action (Recommendation engine)
  • Incident/ risk management and prevention system
  • Smart inventory management solutions
  • Data-driven targeted marketing
Business woman are checking stock market graph by using digital tablet
White woman robot on blurred background using robotics arms with digital screen 3D rendering

Robotic and advanced automation

  • Process automation, RPA to smart automation
  • Voice recognition and processing
  • Natural language processing
  • Optical character recognitioning

Business process optimisation

  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Intelligent workflow solutions
  • Validation systems
  • Tenement management systems
  • Expense management and invoicing solutions
  • Project management tools
  • Automated hiring process
Business process automation industrial technology innovation optimisation concept.
Digital artificial intelligence cyborg interface isolated on blue background 3D rendering

AI and ML solutions

  • Customer-centric POCs
  • Self-learning products and services
  • Self-optimising processes

Blockchain solutions

  • Blockchain POCs

e.g. distributed ledgers

Our partnership model

You, The clientWe,Quantum Analytics
Context of business problem we are solving, industry experience and customer insightsCo-DesignCutting edge technical capability, product design and systems thinking
Prototype testing, customer feedbackCo-DevelopTechnical develop, in an agile environment with business-value driven milestones
Feature ideation, customer training, brandingCo- DeployOngoing support, continuous innovation to improve the product and maximise business value